Applicable Industries: Food, Chemistry & Petrochecmistry, Pharmaceutical

Chemical seals are applied in applications where the medium should not come into contact with the pressure measuring instrument.

The use of chemical seals is inevitable especially where the media is toxic and therefore ecological damaging or where corrosion resistance has to be ensured, but also for regulations relating to hygiene.

We have developed a new process – the KCT process – with which we are able to apply a PTFE foil in a very thin, homogeneous layer.  The operational capacity of the chemical seal is not affected.

Thanks to this new process, even difficult shaped seals, like clamp seals, can be coated with this foil.


Improved features with KCT-technology:

  • High temperature resistance (-10°C to +260°C)
  • Applicable up to 400 bar
  • Highly vacuum resistant at 100°C
  • PTFE foils up to 0.5mm can be processed, with negligible influence on the measurement result
  • Difficult shapes can be coated
  • Chemical seals made of special materials, e.g. tantalum, can be PTFE foil coated

 Characteristics of PTFE:

  • High chemical resistance, even with aggressive acids such as aqua regia
  • Excellent anti-adhesive qualities (extremely low surface tension)
  • Very good abrasion protection
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Physiologically safe