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High Overpressure – HOP

Case Study

High Overpressure – HOP

PCh 100-3 HOP (High Overpressure Protection)

Applicable Industries: Engineering, Oil & Gas, Chemistry & Petrochemistry, Water & Wastewater, Energy

High overpressure protected up to max. 600 bar (10,000 psi)

Diaphragm pressure gauges can be easily protected against overpressure:

10 mbar to 250 mbar – Max. 10 times
400 mbar to 40 bar – 5 times, Max PN 40

However, there are measuring points that have extremely higher overpressure.

In this case our new diaphragm pressure gauge PCh 100-3 HOP is applicable. This instrument withstands overpressure of 100, 250 or max. 600 bar (1500, 3000 or max. 10000 psi).


ITI High Pressure-HOP-01


Diaphragm pressure gauge


Bayonet ring case stainless steel

Nominal case size in mm

100, 160 (4”, 6”)

Accuracy class


Over range protection

100, 250 or 600 bar (1,500; 3,000 or 10,000 psi)


ITI High Pressure-HOP-02
ITI High Pressure-HOP-03

The precise requirements have to be aligned with our solution possibilities. Options which are available for ‘regular’ diaphragm pressure gauges are principally also possible in this case.

Details also have to be aligned, e.g. open flange connection, limit switch contact assembly.

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