What is e-Gauge®-Lite?

What is e-Gauge®-lite?
e-Gauge®-lite is used to convert pressure or temperature gauges into pressure and temperature transmitters. Using the same inductive technology as the original e-Gauge®, it reads the position of the pointer on any 100mm or 160mm gauge to give a 4/20mA output. e-Gauge-lite is a non-contact device and has been designed to be retrofitted. It is programmable for damping, deadbands and non-linear devices.

Key Features
  • No programming required                  
  • 2-wire, 4/20mA loop powered device
  • Suitable for 100mm and 160mm gauges
  • Non-contact device, easily retrofittable
  • Can be used on glycerine filled gauges      ​

Technical Data
Output signal 4…20 mA (2 wire)
Nominal rating 12…24 VDC
Accuracy of the output signal <0.25% of full-scale value
Linearity <1.0% over full scale
Humidity Range 0…99% RH NC
Measurement Frequency >10Hz
Ingress Protection IP 67
Span 270° (others available)