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TP1.002 Thermopile 36" 915mm

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£24.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Length: 36" - 915mm 
  • Probe diameter: 9mm 
  • Probe length: 38mm 
  • Voltage: 250-750 mV 
  • Screw connection: 7/16" 
  • Connection: 3/8" NEF 

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  • Manufacturer Part Number:
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Falcon 537320589, Falcon 537320180, Falcon 530760003, Falcon 535750037, Falcon 535750071, Falcon 537350005, Falcon 535710040, Lincat TC20, Moorwood Vulcan 924598-S1, Pitco 60125501, Pitco P5047542, Robertshaw 21436, Bartlett 3836-189, Blueseal 18093, Dean
  • For Models:
Dean SM20, SM35, SM50, SM60, SM80, SR38, SR42, SR52, Frymaster, Garland, Keating, Falcon 537320180, 537320589, 537320180, G1808, G1808X, G1830, G1838, G1838X, G1848, G1848X, G1860, G1865, G2078TC, G2203, G2206, G2830, G2860, G2865, G2865SV, Lincat J10/N, J10/P, DF7/N, DF7/P, J5/N, J5/P, DF4/N, DF4/P, Moorwood Vulcan 30F-E, 30MC3-F, 60FD, 60F-E, 60FT-E, 60MC3-F, 60MC3FT, CL32F30FD, CL3F, CL60F, M/LINE PLUS, 60SD2, Pitco FRYER – GAS, FRYER - GAS - 35C, RTG14 TACO BELL, Robertshaw, Rosinox, Southbend, Vulcan, Wolf