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MKN203494 Thermostat 50°C-300°C

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£60.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Temperature max: 300 °C 
  • Operating temperature range: 50-300°C 
  • Number of poles: 3 -pole 
  • Function: 3NO 
  • Switching capacity: 16A 
  • Probe diameter: 6mm 
  • Probe length: 79mm 
  • Capillary pipe length: 1740mm 
  • Capillary pipe length insulated: 800mm 
  • Gland nut  - 
  • Shaft diameter: 6x4.6mm 
  • Shaft length: 23mm 
  • Shaft position: upper 
  • Rotation angle: 270 ° 
  • Probe type  - 

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  • Manufacturer Part Number:
MKN MKN203494
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Alpeninox 0H6217, ANGELO PO 32Z2560, Blumauer 180706, Bonnet 301005, EGO 55.34055.020, Electrolux Professional 0H6217, Haka 9044, JUNO-RÖDER-SENKING 214806, King 0102001, MKN 203406, MKN 203494, Sagi 32Z2560, Thirode 301005, Whirlpool 152099, Whirlpool 7
  • For Models:
Alpeninox, ANGELO PO, Blumauer, Bonnet, EGO, Electrolux Professional, Haka, JUNO-RÖDER-SENKING, King, MKN, Sagi, Thirode, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Angelo-Po, Ascobloc, Bertos, Bourgeois, Capic, Charvet, Electrolux, GIGA, Imperial-Germany, Juno, Miele, Morice, Öztiryakiler, Repagas, Rosinox, Solymac, Star10, Therma, Thielmann