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M01.079 Gas Governor

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£22.50 + VAT
Extended Description
  • 1/2” Gas pressure regulator / governor
  • Nat Gas

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
Burner Supply Tubes
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Falcon 530950260
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Moorwood Vulcan X03041,
  • For Models:
Moorwood Vulcan 2T90GCO-E, Moorwood Vulcan MF2T90GCO, Moorwood Vulcan MFST90GCO, Moorwood Vulcan ST90GCO-E, Moorwood Vulcan 90GCR-E, Moorwood Vulcan 90MC3GCR, Moorwood Vulcan MF93GCR, Moorwood Vulcan GEMINI ELITE, Falcon G1478, G1512, G1512, G1518, G1522, G1522, G1527, G1527, G1808, G1808, G1830, G1838, G1838, G1848, G2007, G2101, G2502,G2612, G2615, G2618, G2622, G2623, G2624, G2624, G2629, G2922, G2923, G3080, G3080, G350, G350/1, G350/10, G350/2, G350/23, G350/9, G7008, G7011, G9122, G9512, G9522, G9622, G9622, G9641, G9641, G9922, G9922, G9942, G9942