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M01.014 HT Lead

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£10.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Length: 1 Metre

  • Manufacturer:
Moorwood Vulcan
  • Parts Category:
HT Leads
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Moorwood Vulcan 930389-01
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Lincat IG06, Falcon 530962110, Falcon 530072131, Falcon 531402110, Falcon 537101590, Falcon 531300122, Falcon 531310122, Falcon 530140250, Falcon 535480034, Falcon 535710115, Falcon 539216221, Falcon 535700580, Falcon 535100560, ,
  • For Models:
Bartlett E17E, Falcon G1100, G1104, G1107, G1160, G1167, G1830, G1860, G1861, G2101, G2101EU, G2107, G2117, G2161, G2167, G2830, G2830, G2860, G2865, G2865SV, G350/11, G350/12, G9667, G9906, Moorwood Vulcan SR42, 90MC4R, MV1 GAS OPEN TOP, Lincat OG7101N, OG7101P, OG7102N, OG7102P, OG7106N, OG7106P, OG7107N, OG7107P, OG7110N, OG7110P, OG7111N, OG7111P, OG7201N, OG7201P, OG7202N, OG7202P, OG7203N, OG7203P, OG7204N, OG7204P, SLR6CN, SLR6CP, SLR6N, SLR6P, SLR9CN, SLR9CP, SLR9N, SLR9P