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I01.034 Front Burner Gas Control Knob

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£20.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Front burner gas tap knob
  • Symbol: graduated 
  • Temperature max.  - °F 
  • Temperature range  - °F 
  • Diameter: 70mm 
  • Shaft Diameter: 9x6mm 
  • Shaft flat: Lower 
  • Colour: Blue 

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
Control Knobs
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Imperial 36330
  • For Models:
Fields & Pimblett "Avon" Imperial IAB-24, IAB-30, IAB-36, IAB-48, IAB-60, IAB-72, ICMA-24, ICMA-36, ICMA-48, ICMA-60, ICMA-72, ICRA-1,ICRA-2,ICRA-3, ICRA-4, ICRA-5, IHPA-12, IHPA-24, IHPA-36, IHPA-48,IHR, IHR-6-C, IHR-G24-2-C, IMGA-2428, IMGA-3628, IMGA-4828,IMGA-6028, IMGA-7228, IR-2000-24, IR-2000-36, IR-2000-48,IR-2000-60, IR-2000-72, IR-24, IR-36, IR-48, IR-60, IR-72,IRB-24, IRB-30, IRB-36, IRB-48, IRB-60, ISB-24, ISB-36,ISPA-18, ISPA-18-2, ISPA-18W, ISPA-18W-2, ITY-24,36,48,60.