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F05.117 Indicator Neon Red


£5.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Diameter: 10mm 
  • Voltage: 230 V 
  • Colour: Red 
  • Connection: Male Faston 4.8mm 
  • Socket type: Screw Base 

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
Neons/Bulbs/Light Fittings
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Falcon 731412050
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Bartlett 589-733, Falcon 731880200, Falcon 730962010, Falcon 731740450, Falcon 735010370, Falcon 731530330, Falcon 731310060, Falcon 731750490, Falcon 539110440, Falcon 730840080, Falcon 531740450, Falcon 732910120, Falcon 735550260, Parry LNRE2211P, 6327
  • For Models:
Falcon E1001, Falcon 1006, Falcon E1100, Falcon E1102, Falcon E1112, Falcon E1160, Falcon E1201, Falcon E1261, Falcon E1291, Falcon E1502, Falcon E1512, Falcon E1521, Falcon E1522, Falcon E1532, Falcon E1808, Falcon E1830, Falcon E1838, Falcon E1848, Falcon E1850, Falcon E1860, Falcon E1861, Falcon E1962, Falcon E1994, Falcon E1995, Falcon E2000, Falcon E3078, Falcon E350 SERIES, Falcon E350/30, Falcon E350/32, Falcon E350/33, Falcon E350/34, Falcon E350/35, Falcon E350/36, Falcon E350/37, Falcon E350/38, Falcon E350/39, Falcon E350/46, Falcon E5478, Falcon E7004, Falcon E7008, Falcon E7011, Falcon E7202, Falcon G1102, Falcon G1197, Falcon G1808, Falcon G1838, Falcon G1848, Falcon G1962, Falcon G1994, Falcon G7004, Falcon G7008, Falcon HE1307, Falcon KE111, Falcon KE112, Falcon KE113, Falcon KE114, Falcon KE116, Falcon KE117, Falcon KE118, Falcon KE140, Falcon KE162, Falcon KE240, Falcon LD1, Falcon LD115, Falcon LD116, Falcon LD117, Falcon LD2, Falcon LD22, Falcon LD46, Falcon LD56, Falcon LD58, Falcon LD60, Falcon LD62, Falcon LD64, Falcon LD69, Falcon LD70, Valentine PENSION 2 V SERIES,