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F05.056 Door Catch

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£9.85 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Steel spring-loaded oven door roller catch
  • Length: 63mm 
  • Width: 28mm 
  • Mounting Distance: 43.5mm

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
Door Handles/Catches
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Falcon 535480054
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Falcon 537101350, Falcon 537701105, Parry CATCH7013
  • For Models:
Falcon E1100, Falcon E1102, Falcon E1160, Falcon G1102, Falcon G1107, Falcon G1167, Falcon G1197, Falcon G2101, Falcon G2101EU, Falcon G2102, Falcon G2107, Falcon G2117, Falcon G2161, Falcon G2167, Falcon G2203, Falcon G2830, Falcon G2865, Falcon G350/1, Falcon G9330, Falcon G9330X, Falcon G9660, Falcon G9660X, Falcon G9667, Falcon G9906, Falcon G9907, Falcon HE1307 ,