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C02.013 Rocker Switch Green

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£3.25 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Mounting measurements: 30x22mm 
  • Colour: green 
  • Function: 2NO 
  • Voltage: 250V 
  • Switching Capacity: 16A 
  • Version: illuminated 
  • Symbol: 0-I 
  • Connection: male faston 6.3mm 
  • Ambient temperature max.  125/55 °C 
  • Kind of protection: IP65 

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Adler 20528
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Alpeninox 056703, Cosmental 3822714, Electrolux Professional 056703, Emmepi 712110000, Everlasting 25793, Franke 995257, Fri Fri 400627, Friulinox 995257, Gaggia S435061, Nayati PD410D, Pavoni 435061, Roller Grill A07032, Rosinox RX94805496, Silko 0109015
  • For Models:
Adler, Alpeninox, Ambach, Bezzera, Bremer, Capito, Coldmaster, Cookmax, COSMETAL, Cuppone, Desmon, Dexion, Electrolux, Electrolux Professional, Eloma, Emmepi, Everlasting, Forved, Foster, Franke, Frenox, FRI FRI, FriFri, Friulinox, Gaggia, GBG, IARP, IGF, Ilsa, Infrico, La San Marco, LAVINOX, Lincat, LineaBlanca, Lotus, Mafirol, Mareno, MBM-Italia, Mercatus, Moretti, Nayati, Ă–ztiryakiler, Palux, Pavoni, RM-Gastro, Roller Grill, Roller-Grill, Rosinox, Silanos, Silko, SPM, SSP, Tecnodom, Tecnoinox, Whirlpool, Zanolli, Zanussi