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C02.005 Thermocouple 850mm M8 x 1

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£6.75 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Gas tap Connection: M9x1 
  • Length: 850mm 
  • Curner Connection: M8x1

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Garland 2321902
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Falcon 537400200, Alpeninox 028982, CB 08090001, Cooking-Systems, Electrolux Professional 028982, Gico A00022, Heidebrenner, SIT 0.200.057, SIT G1041214, Zanussi 028982,
  • For Models:
Garland 45-40-RFF S/TOP STD OVEN, Garland GD18RBFF - BROILER FFV, Garland GD24RBFF - BROILER FFV, Garland GD30RBFF - BROILER FFV, Garland GD36RBFF - BROILER FFV, Garland ST280-18RB - RADIANT BROILER, Garland ST280-24RB - RADIANT BROILER, Galrand ST280-30RB - RADIANT BROILER, Garland ST280-36B CHARBROILER, Garland ST280-36RB - RADIANT BROILER, Garland 45-40-RFF S/TOP STD OVEN, Falcon G1629, Falcon G1639, Falcon G1659, C.B. Fields & Pimblett, Monarch - Various