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C02.003 gas tap PEL Type 22S/O

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£40.00 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Producer: PEL 
  • Type: 22S/O 
  • Gas inlet: M20x1.5 (tube ø 12mm) 
  • Bypass nozzle ø: 0.35mm 
  • Gas outlet: M20x1.5 (tube ø 12/10mm) 
  • Thermocouple connection: M9x1 
  • Pilot connection: M10x1 
  • Shaft diameter: 10x8mm 
  • Shaft length: 25/17mm 
  • Shaft flat: lower 

  • Manufacturer:
  • Parts Category:
Gas Taps
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
PEL 791911
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Alpeninox 0M0883, Alpeninox 0S0595, Ambach 301891660, Ambach 5018909180, Ambach 5018914348, ATA K22011, Baron 6A011500, Baron 826920060, Baron 85327060012, Baron 853310186, Baron BN6A011500, Bonnet 310140, Bonnet 904882, CB 08020022, CB 08020023, Charvet
  • For Models:
Alpeninox, Ambach, ATA, Baron, Bonnet, CB, Charvet, Colged, Desco, Electrolux Professional, Elettrobar, Emmepi, Fagor, FOEMM, GIGA, Giorik, Hobart, Lainox, Mareno, MBM, Metos, Modular, OEM, Offcar, Olis, PEL, Rosinox, SIABS, Silko, Soget, Tecnoinox, Thirode, Whirlpool, Zanussi