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C01.005 TCJ Digital Thermostat Probe -50 - 750 °C

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£24.50 + VAT
Extended Description
  • Probe Type: Thermocouple J (Fe-CuNi) 
  • Cable: Vetrotex 
  • Probe Temperature: -50 up to +750 °C 
  • Cable Temperature: -50 up to +350 °C 
  • Probe: ø6x100mm 
  • Cable Length: 3 m 
  • Version: Without Screw Connection 
  • Cable Colours: red/blue 
  • Connector: 2-wire 
  • Cable in heat-resistant glass fibre braided flex
  • Probe for C01.004

  • Manufacturer:
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  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Cuppone 91310211
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Alpeninox 004116, Cuppone 057400, Cuppone 91310211, Cuppone ME0000400, Dixell BC305003-00, Electrolux Professional 004116, Eliwell SN300000, Eliwell TCOT3M, Emmepi 8C0221, EVCO 3907240006, EVCO ECSND2343A, FIAMMA RST 91100.220.061, GGF, IMESA 2950TCJ611V5
  • For Models:
Cuppone LLKEVE, Cuppone LLK10G, Cuppone LLKEVE01/ELE, Cuppone LLKEVE02/ELE, Cuppone LLKMAX4+4, Cuppone LLKMAX6+6, Cuppone LLKMAX6+6L, Cuppone LLKMAX9+9, Cuppone LLKMAX9+9DIG, Cuppone LLKMAXALL, Cuppone LLKTEC, Cuppone LLKTEC4+4, Cuppone LLKTEC6+6, Cuppone LLKTEC6+6L, Cuppone LLKTEC9+9, Cuppone LLK10G, Cuppone LLK5G,Cuppone LLK7G,Alpeninox, Dixell, Electrolux Professional, Eliwell, Emmepi, EVCO, FIAMMA RST, GGF, IMESA, Modular, PIZZA GROUP, TORNATI FORNI, Zanussi, CB, MBM-Italia, Pizza-Group, Solymac, Zanolli