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B07.001 Pilot Assembly

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Extended Description
  • Mounting Position: Rear
  • Type: 145 series 
  • Flame Number: 2 Flames 
  • Nozzle Diameter: mm 
  • Gas Connection: mm 
  • Burner Bearing: Left 

  • Manufacturer:
Blue Seal
  • Parts Category:
Pilot Assembly
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
Blueseal 18691
  • Alternative Part Numbers:
Blueseal 18691K, Moorwood Vulcan 2200700, Moorwood Vulcan 2200701, Moorwood Vulcan 2200798, Falcon 537101744 , Falcon 534101002, Falcon 531600055, Falcon 531600050, Falcon 535410013,
  • For Models:
BlueSeal G50, G504D, G505, G506DS, G508, G50D, G51/4D, G52/4D, G528D, G56, G570, G570, G58, G91B, Falcon G1107 G1532 G2101 G2107 G2502 G2512 G2522 G2532 G9502 G9512 G9522 G9532, Moorwood Vulcan 90MCO, CL32F30FD M/LINE PLUS, 90RC, 2T90GCO-E, MF2T90GCO, ML2T9OGCO 2 TIER, 90MGCR, MFST9OGCO, 60R, 90RC, 90R
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B07.001 Pilot Assembly - NG
B07.001 Pilot Assembly - Nat Gas Version
B07.001 Pilot Assembly - Nat Gas Version £15.00 + VAT
B07.001 Pilot Assembly - LPG
B07.001 Pilot Assembly - LPG Version
B07.001 Pilot Assembly - LPG Version £15.00 + VAT