Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is currently one of the most dynamically growing markets in the world.

The greatest demands are being made in relation to purity and density, resulting in more applications requiring special configurations, such as VCR-connections and ECD quality.

In applications demanding high purity, ordinary bourdon tube pressure gauges are at a considerable disadvantage owing to their geometry, namely at the end of the closed bourdon tube when the wetted parts need to be cleaned.
This has lead to an increase in demand for ‘flow-through’ pressure gauges, provided with 2 oppositely positioned VCR-connections, allowing an increased surface finish and electro-polished medium-volume, which is free of dead-space.
These developments significantly improve the industry’s ability to rinse and thoroughly clean lines, whilst reducing downtime.



  • Technical gas production
  • Gas distribution systems

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RChE 50-3
Data Sheet 1231-9.2