UHP Pressure Tx

Applicable Industries: Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical & Chemistry Industries

Pressure Transmitters for when the highest levels of purity are required

In special machine construction for the semiconductor industry, for nanotechnology as well as for ultrapure water production, the purity of the processes is of decisive importance regarding the quality and gain of the products. Robustness, precision and process safety are essential especially in these industries.
Our new DIGDTMvUHP unites reliable all-in-one technology with special purity specifications for Ultra High Purity (UHP). The DIGDTMvUHP features a dead volume under 750mm3, a dry thin film measuring cell, a discreet temperature sensor and digital electronics.
Besides the compensation of ambient air, the combination of these instrument features also allows to emit the transmitter temperature over the integrated RS-485 interface and the triggering of switching operations via the two FET-switching outputs. The software USSCOM allows the user to comfortably perform a variety of adjustments (e.g. switching functions, software low-pass etc.) and to display measuring values.
The use of a dry measuring cell excludes the risk of contamination of the system.

Technical Data

Case Stainless steel, welded to process connection
Pressure range -1/ +3 bar to 0 – 400 bar
Output Signal 4…20 mA (2-wire)
Electrical connection M16x0.75;   6-pin
Nominal operational voltage +12 to +24 V DC
Accuracy of the output signal < 0.2% in the temperature measuring range (including non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability)
Ambient temperature -40³C / + 85°C (-40°F / +185°F)
Data sheet 9870.21