Model No : S-STC

Surface Thermocouples
Availability: Ex-stock or made to order 3-7 days
A range of Surface Thermocouples designed for maximum contact on the surface being measured. Ideal for both permanent and temporary temperature measurement in a wide range of applications.
Extended Description
This range of Surface Thermocouples are very popular as they can be used on many types of surfaces including uneven and circular surfaces, they are also very simple to use and provide a convenient measurement method for applications where quick connect or disconnect is required.

We stock these sensors in type K, T, J and N and can be terminated with plain tails or a miniature plug to connect to the Sterling Sensors Digital Thermometer.

As with all of our range these sensors can be manufactured to your exact requirements.

Features / Benefits
  • Fast Response
  • Available in type K, T, J or N
  • Easy to install
  • This range offers sensors for use on many applications
  • Bespoke manufactured options
  • Temperature mapping
  • General Surface Measurement
  • HVAC
  • Circular Surfaces
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