Model No : S-MIRTD

Mineral Insulated RTD Sensors
Availability: Standard lengths ex-stock or made to order.
Mineral Insulated RTDs are robust, flexible, can be made in long lengths and with a broad range of diameters.
Extended Description
Mineral Insulated RTD probes are robust and can be shaped and formed to suit any application without affecting the sensor.

These sensors are available in long lengths and with a broad range of diameters. They can be used at higher temperatures than fabricated RTDs and have a better accuracy, repeatability and long term stability than Mineral Insulated Thermocouples.

MI RTDs can be manipulated around formers (with a radius of three times the probe diameter) and at angles and shapes to suit the application. They are generally manufactured with a wire wound element which have a greater accuracy over a wider temperature range than flat film detectors, however they are more expensive.

Available in 2 core (simplex) or 4 core (duplex) with a range of outer sheath materials including Grade 25/20 (310) stainless steel (corrosion resistant and suitable for use in sulphur bearing atmospheres), Alloy 600 (severely corrosive atmospheres to high temperatures) and Nicrobel D.

A variety of termination styles are available including plugs, industrial heads & custom lead lengths.

Features / Benefits
  • UK/EU Manufactured
  • Rapid response
  • highly flexible
  • wide temperature range
  • Long life
  • Process industries
  • Vessels and pipes
  • Oil & Gas
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