Model No : PBX / PBXG 100-3

Subsea Pressure Gauges
Availability: 2/3 weeks
PBX 100-3 Dry
PBXG 100-3 Filled

High quality Subsea Pressure Gauge. EN837 Class 1.0. Solid drilled 316SS case with screwed on ring.. 316SS Wetted Parts.
From 0-6 to 0-1600 bar down to 900m depth.
Extended Description
High quality Subsea Pressure Gauges, designed and manufactured to operate at depths up to 900m (1200m for 63mm version).

Available in all pressure ranges from 0-6 bar to 0-1,600 bar. Manufactured from solid drilled 316SS case with screwed on ring and 316SS wetted parts.

Armoured glass window 19mm thick. Available in various thread sizes and configurations. Versions: PBX 63-1 63mm solid-drilled 316L SS to 1200 m depth.

PBX 100-1 100mm solid-drilled 316L SS to 900 m depth. PBX 160-1 160mm solid-drilled 316L SS to 450 m depth.

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Features / Benefits
  • EN837 Class 1,0
  • High quality product made in UK/EU
  • Solid drilled 316SS case
  • Armoured glass window
  • Can be supplied dry or liquid filled
  • Accurate, reliable, well-made and robust
  • To depths of 1200 m / 3600 ft.
  • 63mm version to 1200 m depth
  • 100mm version to 900 m depth
  • 160mm version to 450 m depth
  • Ranges from 0-6 to 0-1600 bar
  • Other Subsea versions available
  • Subsea
  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Oil and Gas
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