Model No : Rg 60-1 Fz / RChg 80-1 Fz / RChg 100-1 Fz

Rail Industry Pressure Gauges
Availability: 4/5 weeks
Rg 60-1 Fz rmBFr
RChg 80-1 Fz rmBFr
RChg 100-1 Fz rmBFr

High quality, EN837 Class 1.6 NCS 60 (2.36") and Class 1.0 NCS 80, 100 (3", 4") From 0-6 bar, 0-10 bar and 0-12 bar (0-100 psi, 0-150 psi and 0-180 psi)
Extended Description
High quality Pressure Gauges designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the rail industry. Standard ranges are 0-6 bar, 0-10 bar and 0-12 bar (0-100 psi, 0-150 psi and 0-180 psi).

These gauges are highly respected and widely used throughout the rail industry. Combi gauges according to DIN 38030:2009-02; the instruments have u-clamps for panel mounting and as combi gauges with direct and indirect lighting.

Other configurations such as 125mm versions and different ranges available.

Call or email us to ask about the many options available for this product.

Features / Benefits
  • High quality product made in UK/EU
  • Standard version to DIN 38030:2009-02
  • Crimped bezel design
  • Direct or indirect lighting
  • Various options and configurations available
  • Accurate, reliable, well-made and robust 
  • General Rail Industry
  • Pneumatic Brake Systems
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