Model No : PHP 40

Precision Hand Test Pump (Pneumatic)
Availability: 2/3 weeks
PHP 40: −0.95 bar to 40 bar (Data Sheet 10111)

ITIUK's precision hand test pumps are ideal for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring instruments of all kinds.

ITIUK's PHP 40 features a fine adjustment mechanism to allow for precise measurement.
Extended Description
Due to its low weight and compact design, the pneumatic hand test pump can be used directly at the test item’s site.

When using the hand test pump, the connection to a reference gauge (e.g. the digital precision pressure gauge D2, according to data sheet 10221) and to the test item is necessary.

ITIUK’s precision hand test pumps (PHP 40) can be applied in calibration and testing technology as well as in plant and mechanical engineering.

Features / Benefits
  • Low weight and compact design 
  • Can be used directly at the test item’s site 
  • Features a fine adjustment mechanism allows for the precise adjustment of the test pressure
  • Portable calibration
  • Laboratory
  • Precision pressure measurement
Data Sheets
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