Model No : PS 60-P | PS 600-P

Availability: 2/3 weeks
Comparators are used in the testing and calibration of pressure devices and instrumentation equipment.

ITIUK supply a range of comparators, including pneumatic and hydraulic pressure comparators, to suit all testing and calibration requirements.
Extended Description
The comparison pump models PS 60-P and PS 600-P are pressure generators and used for comparative measurements. They are suitable for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring devices.

Model PS 60-P is applicable for pressure ranges from 0 to 60 bar and model PS 600-P is applicable for pressure ranges from 0 to 600 bar. For testing, acid-free, thin oil or distilled water (for the special versions) is used as medium. The spindle pump serves to generate the pressure. The test item is compared to a pressure measuring device with higher accuracy.

Comparison pumps on a base plate are small, lightweight, handy and can be mounted easily on a workbench or applied mobile on site.

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Features / Benefits
  • Quick and easy calibration solution
  • Extensive range of comparators available
  • High quality manufacture
  • Ideal for service and calibation applications
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