Model No : MSR 010 / MSR 020 / MSR 011 / MSR-I

MSR Multifunctional Relay
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MSR 010 - 1 limit value
MSR 020 - 2 limit values
MSR 011 - 2 limit values (interval operation)
MSR 010-I - 1 limit value
MSR 020-I - 2 limit value
MSR 011-I - 2 limit value (internal operation)

Auxiliary Energy: 230 VAC
Impulse Control Voltage: 35-40 VDC
Voltage Output: 24 VDC / 20 mA
Relay Outputs: Potential-free change-over contact 230 VAC each, 8A / output 2000 VA
Extended Description

Our multifunctional relay, model MSR, is a contact protecting relay for the connection of electromechanical limit switch contact assemblies, both with standard contacts (model S) and with magnetic contacts (model M).

They can be used on both single and double contact assemblies.

Impulse-controlled multifunctional relays:

  • Increase the switching safety
  • Allow a higher switching frequency of operation 
  • Reduce the contact load
  • Reduce the accidental switching of the vibration / pulsation
  • should be used for instruments with case filling. They reduce the risk of oil contamination by the electric arc.

ITIUK’s MSR relays are provided with an additional direct voltage output.

All instruments have an LED-switching status display.

Features / Benefits
  • UK/EU Manufactured
  • High quality, robust design
  • Protects contact assemblies
  • Can be used on standard (type S) and magnetic (type M) limit switches
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