Mechanical Repair
& Calibration


ITIUK have over 150 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying, repairing and calibrating mechanical instrumentation.

We offer ISO 9001:2015, fully UKAS traceable calibrations on a comprehensive list of mechanical instruments; including, but not limited to:

Pressure Instrumentation

Pressure, Vacuum & Compound Gauges
Pressure Switches
Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Tranducers
Valves, Pistons & Actuators
Pressure Chart Recorders
Pressure Controllers

Temperature Instrumentation

Analogue Dial Thermometers
Temperature Chart Recorders
Temperature Controllers

Torque Instrumentation

Torque Wrenches
Torque Screwdrivers
Torque Multipliers

Please contact us on +44(0)161 652 7741 or email sales@itiuk.com with your requirements.