Absolute Gauge (APCh)

Applicable Industries: Energy, Chemistry & Petrochemical, Semiconductor Industry

Absolute pressure gauges are suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases, and with open flanges they are also suitable for the measurement of viscous, solid-containing media.
Often it is aggressive media that put further requirements on our instruments, respectively the wetted parts.
As an addition to our absolute pressure gauge APCh (data sheet 3901) we have checked the possibility of supplying absolute pressure gauges with wetted parts made from Monel metal upon customer request.
Monel metal is considered to be very resistant against corrosion, many acids and especially Fluorine F2.
Even if you require special materials, please contact us so we can align all of the details of your special application.

Absolute Pressure Gauge with Monel Wetted Parts

  • Wetted parts from Monel metal, others (like Hastelloy) available upon request
  • Helium lead detection up to 10-9 mbar l/s
  • All connections welded, no leakage spots

Technical Data

Version Absolute pressure gauge
Case Bayonet ring case stainless steel
Nominal case size in mm 100, 160 (4” , 6”)
Accuracy class 1.6
Pressure ranges 0-25 mbar absolute to 25 bar absolute
Wetted parts Monel metal
Process Connection G ½ B ( ½ BSP)
Option Flange connection